Welcome to Ether Electricity – the first step to Free Energy!

EtherElectricity.com envisions to equip individuals with the principles of operation behind Free Energy Devices and allow for the creation of proof-of-concept prototypes.

What is Free Energy

For starters, Free Energy falls under the more general categories of Alternative and Renewable Energy. For the most part, Free Energy Machines produce electrical energy with virtually no user energy input much like solar cells or wind turbines which convert energy from the environment into electricity.

To the uninitiated, Free Energy appears to be pulling energy out of nothing. This is impossible and cannot be farther from the truth as Free energy also conforms to the First Law of Thermodynamics which states: “Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only transformed from one form to another.”

Free Energy also differs from mainstream power production from renewable energy sources in that its mechanisms of energy conversion and even the nature of their source of power are not as well documented and widely accepted which has more to do with the marketing resources available to inventors than the actual science behind its operations.

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The Future of Energy Production

Free Energy already complements the lives of hundreds of individuals like yourself and is not a concept or ideal to be reached for the future. Free Energy Machines have been around even before the discovery of electricity, as depicted by gravity powered devices, and are in use by private individuals all around the world. It has seen resurgence with the advancements opened up by electricity itself and with the accuracy only made possible by computerized control systems.

Although most such devices now rely on the precise manipulation of electromagnetic forces, we believe that further increasing awareness of the practicability and application of Free Energy would be beneficial to its commercial development.